Track Info – Barcelona GP

The track allows side by side almost in every corner, but it does not mean that you should aim for it.
Passing attempts in several corners will cost you a lot of time.
Much better to wait for the safe passing spots, instead.

Turn 1 Right and 10 Left – The best passing spots, by far. Long straights, where you can get a tow, leading into hard braking zones. Just avoid dive bombs, as usual. Turn 1 has a rather narrow line. If you cannot be clearly ahead at the beginning of the braking zone it is usually better to give up and try in a different spot. Turn 10 is much safer in this regard (slower corner, several lines available).

Turn 3, 4, 5 and 12– Large enough corners that can be taken side by side. Passing is possible but not always straightforward.
Turn 3 is not a passing place per se, unless your opponent messes up the exit from the Turn 1-2 chicane. Passes started in Turn 1 can also be completeted in Turn 3.
Turn 4 and 5 have short braking zones. Attempt to pass only if you have a very clear and safe opportunity. Otherwise just wait for better places.
Turn 12 is not a passing place per se, but it can become one if your opponent is slow out of Turn 10. Just like Turn 3, passes started in Turn 10 can be completed in Turn 12.

Turn 7 Left and 8 Right– Very dangerous spot. Fast and narrow chicane that brings cars wide over a nasty curb. Do not attack here: it is the site of several accidents. If you do not crash, you will just waste a lot of time. Get in single file approaching this corners, nothing good comes out of a side by side. Wait a few seconds and you will be offered a safe passing chance in Turn 10, take advantage of it.

Turn 9 and 16 Right– These are all very fast corners with very narrow lines. Attempting a side by side will cost you a huge amount of time. Since they lead into the best passing spots (Turn 10 and Turn 1), you should worry about getting a good exit from these corners to set up safe passes on the long straights.
Exception, side by side can be attempted in turn 14 in the last lap of the race, in a final attempt to pass before the finish line.

Turn 13 Right– Narrow corner leading into a short braking zone for the chicane. No real room for safe side by side racing.

Turn 14 Left and 15 Right– Tight chicane with short braking zone, nasty curbs and very narrow racing line. It is very rare to have safe passing opportunities here. It is very common to cause accidents, on the opposite, with late dives or simply trying to squeeze two cars in a one line corner.
The recommendation is to avoid attacking here, there are much better places in the track. If you really have to, for instance in the last lap of the race, be extra careful to avoid any trouble.