Briefing – Barcelona Historic

BRIEFING – Barcelona Historic

30 Laps , 141.60 km
43+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

~1.36 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 9 Right, magenta in the map above.
    It seems long, but we have had troubles with overtakes into the hairpin (Turn 5 Right) and Turn 7-8.
    There are 30 laps to easily pass people, we can be a little patient in lap 1.
  • Please be careful in the hard braking zones. Different wing choices will dictate different braking points.
  • No 3-wide for the entire lap 1, as usual, no matter how tempting braking into La Caixa (Turn 10) might be.
  • Do not be overly concerned about off-tracks. They tend to happen naturally on corner exit.
    However, do not go wide past the track boundaries on corner entry, especially Turn 1 and Turn 4.