Briefing – Vimala Daytona Road

BRIEFING – Daytona Road

28 Laps , 160.2 km
44.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

Please read the rules below and help us make it an enjoyable event to drive and watch, Thank You .

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 3 Right, the International Horseshoe hairpin.
    Reason: starting on the banked oval is dangerous. With the no pass rule there is no reason to go for a dangerous start.
    Think about safety first and foremost, you will not lose places… and you will not be able to gain anything.
    Plenty of overtaking opportunities in the rest of the race. Really no reason to take risks when an accident can wipe out the field.
  • No driving on the apron in the oval section.
  • Careful when hard braking into the tight corners, there is a risk of netcode. Please be aware of this and leave as much space as you can. It is also conductive to dive bombs, avoid them.
  • Please remember that this is a charity event. Try to win, but not at all costs.
    Everyone has a chance to win the cash prizes, regardless of final position.
    Do your best to make it fun, entertaining and exciting for drivers and viewers.
    The worst you can do is causing an accident in the early race, of course.

  • When the race is over, please slow down, bunch up and drive to the pitlane.
    Let’s give a good shot to the broadcasters. Thank you !

    The rules are simple but please read them; not respecting them will prevent you from winning the cash prizes.


  • No blocking. This is defined as ‘moving in reaction’ trying to impede your opponents.
    It is defending if you move before the car behind you.
    It is blocking if you move after the car behind you.
  • No dive bombing.
    Passing is easy on the track, really no need to dive bomb.
  • Take it easy at race start.
    The goal is to get going safely and get in line. You must not attempt to gain places.
    Do not try to get a great start on the lights, it is unnecessary risky
  • No lane change at the start, at least until the first corner and longer if necessary.
    Stay in your lane and try to maintain a constant distance from the car in front. No sudden braking, do not drive faster than the cars ahead of you.
    If by doing so you pass cars in the other lane, perhaps because they had a slow start, it is fine. However, you must not attempt to outbrake others or take advantage of the situation to gain places
    Always go for the safest action. If a car in front of you has a very slow start it is ok to pass it.
  • Be careful about the concertina effect braking for slow corners in the early race.
    Try to be as smooth as possible, with gradual braking and no sudden changes, but expect to have to slow down a lot, especially later in the field.
  • Respect blue flags – which means helping the leaders through when safe, but do not expect lapped cars to immediately pull over
  • No chat in qualify and race, it is welcome in practice sessions
    You can get more details in the iGPFun League Rules page, but the above is enough to have a smooth and fun event.
    Thank you for reading this !

How to join the race

  • Only registered ‘week 13 big grid events’ league members can join the server.
    You must register asap for the league; we cannot guarantee drivers will be accepted after sunday morning GMT.

    Join the race from the ‘league sessions’ page. No password needed.
    You can see the race start time in your local time zone at:
    Please be careful for the switch to summer time in North America

    There are 90 minutes of free practice session
    30 minutes of open qualify
    28 laps race, about 45 minutes.


The race is broadcast live on youtube.
Please advertise it, the more the merrier 🙂

Every Sunday we get together in discord to watch the race broadcast, starting at midnight Europe, usually 6pm US East Coast. Join us if you have the time.