Liveries and Numbers

Our races are broadcast live

It is forbidden to show commercial names on your car (livery) unless you have explicit permission to do so. This means no ‘canon williams’, no ‘red bull’ etc.
The broadcasters use the ‘iGPFun Car Pack’ (see below). Trading paint is not active.
This means that if you want your livery to be seen in the broadcast, you must submit it to the league so that it can be included in the pack. If no file is submitted, your car will have the default iRacing colors in the broadcast (not great).

Submitting your Livery

The iGPFun car pack is regularly updated and submitted to the broadcaster every week.
Files ought to be received before friday to be included in the pack, otherwise they would go to the following week.

Our iGPFun discord ( ) has two sections dedicated to liveries:

  • Liveries discussion: post pictures and comments ; ask for help on livery design
  • Liveries submission: post your livery files to be included in the iGPFun pack

    You can submit the files
    All zip files, please. If you do not know what they are, ask in our discord.

iGPFun Logos and Custom Numbers for your livery

We ask to kindly add the iGPFun logos to your livery, if at all possible. Even better if you also want to use it for official races… thank you!

Graphic files for logos and more are available in our discord:
There are also layered graphic files (e.g. psd) with notes and colored bits to help you build your livery. Please see the pinned messages in the livery section of our discord.

The iRacing default numbers are not displayed in our races. This means that you can use your own graphic, color and numbers on the livery. Please ask in discord if you need help.

Reserving your race number

Race number are reserved on a first come first served basis, with the exception of numbers 1, 01 and 001 that are reserved for the reigning champion.
You can see which numbers are available and reserve your own in the iGPFun discord ( ), section ‘league-numbers’.

Using the iGPFun car pack – download

If you want to see all the drivers’ liveries, you must download and install the iGPFun car pack. This is not mandatory, it will only affect your pc.

You can get the pack here, updated every week.

To install it:

  • Download the iGPFun car pack paints file (.zip)
  • Uncompress it in a temporary folder
  • Copy all the .tga and .mip files from the temporary folder to the iRacing paint directory, Dallara F3 folder.
    By default it is in:
  • make sure to check the option ‘hide numbers’ in the graphic options tab within iRacing
  • (suggested but not mandatory) Disable Trading Paint just before you install the iGPFun pack, for instance before the sunday race. If you do not, Trading Paint might overwrite some of the liveries.