Track Info – RedBull Ring

Turn 1 Right– It looks like a good passing spot, but it is not. Fast corner; short braking into a narrow line; nasty curb on the outside that can launch your car or make it spin. Passing is not at all recommended, much better to concentrate on the exit for a much better and safer attempt into Turn 3.
Only exception: if you can fully complete your pass on the straight, before the braking zone, then you can go for it.

Turn 3 and 4 Right – The best passing spots, by far. Long straights, where you can get a tow, leading into hard braking zones. Just avoid dive bombs and leave room for side by side racing, as usual.

Turn 6 Left– You cannot get an advantage on your opponent under normal racing, which means no passing attempts. However, you can get a decent attacking chance if the other car does not exit turn 4 right properly.

Turn 7 Left and 8 Right– Left/Right with very short braking zone and narrow racing line. It is very rare to have reasonable passing opportunities here. It is very common to cause accidents, on the opposite.
Passing attempts are not recommended, there are much better places to do so.

Turn 9 and 10 Right– Very fast corners that do not really allow safe side by side racing. Passing attempts will cost a lot of time or lead to an accident. There are much better places elsewhere on the track, use them.
Only exception, the last lap of the race.