2022 Season 3 – Patch 2

F3-related extract from the official release notes.

Damage Model

  • Fixed an issue where engine damage due to collisions was inadvertently disabled with the 2022 Season 3 Release. Engines now receive damage from collisions once again, so drive safely!
  • Adjusted the manner in which suspension damage is repaired, particularly if the suspension was bent or twisted.
    – – The repaired state should be more realistic, leaving some bend or twist in the suspension while still improving it.

    Hotfix 1:
  • The algorithm for handling tires colliding with dirt surfaces has been updated for increased accuracy, particularly for surface normals and bumps.

Dallara F3

  • For the New Damage Model, increased the impact durability of the engine so it is likely to only take damage in severe impacts.

Track – Fuji International Speedway

  • For Race Control, all grass-crete and green-painted pavement has been set to trigger a 1x when all four tires are touching.
  • Gaintime checkpoints for the final corners have been updated to prevent going wide during Qualifying.

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