Formula Giving

Formula Giving – Race for Vimala
Formula 3 Night Race at the Daytona Road Course
$500 USD in cash prizes
, charity auctions and more

WHEN: Sunday, March 12th 2023
Race starts at 21:30 GMT (10:30pm Europe; 5:30pm US East Coast)
Open practice starts at 19:30 GMT. Qualify starts at 21:00 GMT

Open setup – A setup by Connor Wagner will be provided to donors (click to see his setup shop)

Daytona cannot be used in F3 officials. This is the only chance to try the F3 in a night race at this iconic track.

Race is ~45 minutes long, exact lap count will be provided in the pre-race briefing.

Participation is free, but donations are warmly invited.
All donations go directly towards supporting the work of the Vimala Centre (info by clicking here)

Drivers are invited to join the Formula Giving: Race for Vimala Week 13 Formula 3 Big Grid Race.

The Formula Giving Charity event is run annually since 2013, with the intent of having fun and raising funds for kids that not only deserve, but very much need it. More info on the charity at this link (click to open).
We always had great, close racing over the past decade; drivers and spectators always enjoyed the event

The idea is simple:
60 cars on a track offering many passing opportunities, doing their best to provide an entertaining race for both drivers and spectators.
This year we’ll race at Daytona Road, at night. The F3 is not allowed to use the track in officials, so this is the only chance to try such interesting combination.

All donations will be processed by Luca Varani – you can donate at the PayPal link below:

Please donate in your own currency, do not convert so we can avoid the very expensive currency fees.
Choose a private ‘transfer to a friend’ with PayPal. It is not a business transaction (which has unnecessary fees).
If you prefer a direct bank transfer (usually cheaper), please contact us for details via Discord.

How to Race

Please note: ALL drivers must register for the Formula Giving race (racing in iGPFun does not make your registered for Formula Giving!)
To register, please reply to this thread in the iRacing F3 Forum:
Click here,
We expect a full server – positions will be filled on a first come/first served basis.

You will also need to register for the iRacing Week 13 Big Grid league at this link:
This is only for organization purposes, so that league members can join the race without the hassle of needing a password and such. The league will be disbanded once the event is over.

If you have not done so already, please also join the iGPFun F3 Discord channel.
Day-to-day communication and questions/answers will be provided there.


We are most grateful to iRacing and VRS, our long running sponsors that has always donated generously.
Thanks to them we can offer:

  • $500 USD in iRacing credits for the Drivers.
  • Every driver donating at least 20 EUR/USD will receive at least 10 EUR/USD in VRS credits.
  • Every driver donating at least 20 EUR/USD will receive a high quality setup by Connor Wagner
  • A VRS Direct Drive wheel will be put on auction, all money raised will go the charity.

All prizes will be determined by random draw – the higher you finish, the more cash you can win, but everyone has a good chance to win iRacing credits, no matter their finishing position.
Credits will be assigned as in the table below. Brief explanation.
One (1) driver selected randomly between those finishing in the Top 3 will receive $80
One (1) driver selected randomly between those finishing in the Top 6 will receive $70
One (1) driver selected randomly between those finishing in the Top 10 will receive $60 and so forth.

This means that if you finish in the top 3 you will have 1 out of 3 chances to get $80 + 1 in 6 to get $70 + 1 in 10 to get $60.

Final PositionPrize (iRacing Credits)
Top 3$80
Top 6$70
Top 10$60
11th – 20th$60
11th – 20th$50
21st – 30th$50
21st – 30th$50
31st – 40th$40
31st – 40th$40
Values shown here are for drivers who donate, see note below on adjusted prize values for drivers who do not donate.

Please note: Only drivers completing at least 90% of the race distance are eligible for cash prizes;
All drivers who compete are eligible for cash prizes, but prizes awarded to drivers who do not donate will be lowered by $20.

The Vimala

Sister Bertilla (Suor Bertilla) rides through the slums of Mumbai with her bike, looking for and curing people with leprosy. In addition to this, she takes care of the kids (starting from 4 years old) of leprosy parents or orphans and offers them shelter, food and an education. She brings the kids to the “Vimala center”, hence the race name.

Over the years some of the kids even managed to enroll in college, starting from the slums that’s quite an achievement! The Vimala is going through financial difficulties, the crisis of recent years taking a heavy toll on them, at times leaving them literally with no food. 

Sister Bertilla is always optimistic and has managed to keep things going for some 40 years, but we know that they could use help… and we hope that simracers can provide some of it!

A Formula Giving representative visits the place in Mumbai roughly each year. 100% of the money raised by our races goes directly to Mumbai; no overheads, fees or anything.
The Vimala also has a hospital and a boarding school for kids. What we raise here is used to take care of the kids, providing food, shelter, education… and a future. Raising 4 thousand euros would cover all costs for 4 kids for an entire year, until next race. It would be fantastic to help us reach the goal

Vimala Dermatological Centre

“The Vimala Dermatological Centre is a registered charitable organization located in Mumbai. Founded in 1976, with the aim to detect leprosy cases in Mumbai and provide medical and surgery treatment free of cost, the Centre can host up to 80 patients in its wards. The method used by the Centre, consisting of regular checkups, diagnosis and treatments, allowed to cure over 20.000 patients since 1976.

Sister Bertilla Capra is the heart of the Centre. With over 40 years of missionary life in India, she rides her bike to the slums of Mumbai searching for sick people and offering the help they need at the Centre. Her motto is: “I’m not here to convert anybody, but to help people”.

Nine Sisters take care of the patients on a daily basis. The hospital offers all the facilities required for medical and surgical treatment. The inpatients are provided with free treatment, food and accommodation. The therapies are very expensive and Sister Bertilla can only count on donations to continue her mission.

The Boarding School

“In order to ensure a better future for the children of leprosy patients, in 1993 the Centre started a boarding service. Currently 85 girls from jr KG to grade 10 are accommodated in the boarding. Without the help of Sister Bertilla the girls would not get regular meals, clothes and a safe place to live in, let alone an education. Thanks to the Centre, hundreds of girls were able to get a high school degree and a future. Some of them went to college and got a job that changed their life.

Food, clothing and education costs about 1000 euro/year for each girl. Sister Bertilla says that it is hard to find the money to support the girls but every time she is about to lose hope something good happens, allowing to keep them going: a bag of rice or cereals left at her door by anonymous neighbors, old clothes sent by wealthy families, an unexpected donation.

Traveling to India on business trips, every year we have the chance to visit the Centre. The girls are wonderful. Every time they make us feel welcome with their smiles and laughter. They have no toys but they play happily with us. We give them candies and they save them for later.

Calling us “aunties”, they never fail to thank us and it is a heartfelt thank you. They all seek individual attention and want us watch them playing. Last time we went there we asked what they would like to have most and they all answered “a teddy bear”. Knowing that they never had a soft toy is heartbreaking.”

Help the Vimala Center

Caring for one kid costs about 1000 Euros per year. This includes all food, clothes, education, accommodation and expenses.

Formula Giving hopes to raise approximately 3-4000 Euros with each race, an average of just over 30-40 Euros per driver plus the sponsors money. 
It is really not much for each of us simracers, but it would literally save the life of 3-4 kids and give them a future. With one race per year, we simracers can have a significant impact on their life.

A Formula Giving representative visits the place in Mumbai roughly each year. All the donated money goes directly to Mumbai. No intermediaries, no expenses, overheads or whatever.

Click the button below to donate, thank you!

Donate in your own currency, do not convert so we can avoid the very expensive fees.
Choose a private ‘transfer to a friend’ with PayPal. It is not a business transaction (which has unnecessary fees).
If you prefer a direct bank transfer (usually cheaper) please contact us for details.

Videos from Vimala

Videos from Mumbai recorded for previous events; brief thank you notes from Suor Bertilla and the Vimala kids.
Video quality will not win any oscar, but they are certainly genuine.
Bertilla has an interesting mix between Indian and Italian Alps accent 🙂

Thank you again for your much needed and appreciated support!