Broadcast and Donations

Every race is broadcast live on Youtube.
This is very expensive, unfortunately. Donations are required to cover the costs.
We are really sorry having to ask for this and deeply thank any donor.

Donors can:

  • enter the race server before other drivers, having precedence if the server is full.
  • access a private set up section of Discord. Sets are regularly posted there.
  • access the iGPFun Team in VRS, where you can see telemetry and more of every driver (no additional costs)
  • download the iGPFun Motec project.
    Very nice, comprehensive and easy-to-use telemetry tool (and more), prepared by Juan Gonzalez.

    Details on how to donate in this discord post:

Briefly: if you want to donate EUR, use Paypal or direct bank transfer to Luca Varani;
if you want to donate USD use paypal to Andy Flint
if you use any other currencies, I recommend Wise, which is significantly cheaper than paypal.

Thanks again for your support!