League Rules


Be courteous on and off track.

No Blocking
Blocking is defined as moving in reaction to the car behind, trying to impede its progress.
Even one move can be blocking, much like in iRacing.
Generally speaking, if you move before the car behind you it is defending; if you move after it is moving in reaction and at risk of a blocking call.
Two questions are asked to decide a blocking penalty. Did he move in reaction? Did the move impede, or attempt to impede, the car behind?
For instance, if the leading car is far ahead of the trailing one, even moving in reaction would probably not impede the car behind (depending on the relative speed).
Blocking results in heavy penalties. Race and let race, it is more fun for everyone.

No Dive bombing
Generally speaking, you must be alongside the other car (e.g. helmet level) before turn in to have right to the apex, otherwise the car in front can close the door and any contact will be your fault.

Take it easy at race start
Attempting a 3-wide in lap 1 is forbidden,
Active overtaking is forbidden for the first few corners of the race, specified each week in the race briefing.
There should be no ‘lane changes’ at the start. You can pass a car on ‘the other lane’ if that is the safest action, maybe because it had a slow start, but you must not try to outbreak anyone or looking for passing opportunities for the first few corners, as defined in the weekly briefing.

We need to be strict and patient because accidents in the early race can be disastrous in a 50 cars field.

Incident Points
Driving off-track (1x) to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden.
There is an automatic drive-through penalty after reaching a certain number of incident points.
Even if that number is not reached, post-race time penalties will be assessed to drivers disregarding track limits and taking advantage of off-tracks.

Driving outside the racing surface
The racing surface is delimited by solid paint lines, usually white.
Voluntarily driving outside such lines to gain an advantage is against the rule and punishable (usually post-race). Exceptions are allowed if specified in the weekly race briefing.

Excessive number of 1x off-tracks (undisclosed number) can also be punished post race (time penalty). Drive naturally and do not worry about 1x. If, however, you keep getting 1x in the same spots, then you need to adjust your driving to avoid them. The idea is not to get an advantage by voluntarily exploiting the track. If it happens a few times by mistake it is ok, instead. Honor system.

Driving on the grass/sand is always illegal and will result in disqualification.

Drivers must keep two wheels on track on corner entry (rare exceptions are mentioned on the weekly track briefing).
The inside tyre must be fully inside the (usually white) line delimiting the track. If any part of the inside tyres touch the white line you are liable of being penalized.

This does not apply to corner exit. Driving on surfaces like the green exit curbs present in many tracks is also ok unless otherwise specified in the weekly briefing.
The purpose is to avoid exploits, not to punish mistakes.

Blue Flags – Let the leaders through as soon as it is safe to do so
When shown a blue flag, help the leaders through when safe, which usually means lifting a bit on the straight.
However, lapped cars are not expected to stop immediately to let the leaders through.
Leaders must be patient, wait for safe opportunities and get reasonably close to the lapped car before being helped through.

Black Flags slow down – Do not impede others
If you get a slow down in the race, you must serve it off-line without hindering other cars

Unsafe rejoin after a spin
Never cross the track perpendicular to the racing line. Never rejoin with incoming traffic. Sit patiently and wait for the track to be clear before rejoining.
When you spin, lock the brakes and don’t move until the track is clear, even if you are in the middle of the track.
It is much easier for others to avoid you if you hold still

No team games
Do not wait for each other to get a draft in qualify. Reason: not everyone has a team, let’s play it fair.
Do not hinder your team rivals during the race, especially when lapped. Reason: we do not drive dirty. Play it fair, it is more fun for all and nobody gets upset.

No chat during qualify and race
Chat is welcome during practice, instead.



43 for 1st place, each subsequent position gets one less point.
Drivers must complete 90% of the race distance to score points.
The results of the best 10 out of 12 races count towards the standings.


Drivers should always try to remain within the track boundaries. If, by mistake, they fail to do so then it is not a big deal.
Voluntary taking 1x off tracks to gain an advantage, however, is against the rules and shall be penalized.


Everyone is required to qualify before each race. Motivated exceptions can be made by contacting the Race Organizers.


Adhere to the iRacing Sporting Code on and off of the track, even though iRating and Safety Rating are not affected by hosted races.
This includes maintaining a friendly manner and tone at all times – even when someone has made a silly error that has caused you grief.
Let’s keep things light and FUN.


Voice and text chat must NOT be used during during Qualifying or the Race. They are more than fine in open practice.
The chat system in race is reserved for important and urgent messages – not Thank you; Pass right; You moron; Sorry etc.
Instead of writing ‘pass left’, it is better to concentrate on driving predictably and to learn how to let faster racers by safely.
If someone lets you by do not say anything. Likewise, if you let someone pass you, assume that it is appreciated and don’t be offended when they don’t say thanks.
Warning a driver with poor connection (blinking) would be fine, instead.
Remember that the race is not over until the last car crosses the finish line. It is not nice to crash out on the last lap because you got distracted by people congratulating the winner.

Why no chatting?
Anyone who has lost control because he got distracted by a text or voice message knows how important this rule is.
People desiring to chat can use a dedicated radio channel. Instructions on how to set it up are on our forums.


The Race Organizers can assess penalties for on or off track behavior. Please report any incident that you wish to be analyzed by the Stewards by sending a private message to Luca Varani, indicating the drivers involved and lap of the incident. No replay necessary.
Incidents will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Race Stewards (currently three persons).

Penalties may include, among other things: disqualification; losing position on the starting grid; loss of championship points.
Detailed explanation of penalties and philosophy in the ‘information for new drivers’ section


Be patient when attacking or defending. If you think that a pass may be too risky, it is probably not worth attempting it.
As iRacing writes: races are not won in the first corner, they are often lost there however – so please pay particular attention to the opening laps.
Over-aggressive driving may lead to warnings or more severe penalties. Remember that our races are long and offer many chances to pass or regain a position back.

Blocking is not allowed and will be not be tolerated.

What is considered blocking?
Generally speaking, if you move in reaction to the other driver and force somebody to take evasive measures to avoid troubles you have illegally blocked.
Moving before the other driver, for instance to cover the inside, is defending.
Moving after the other driver is blocking.


Generally speaking, to pass safely you need to have significant overlap to the car in front before turn-in for a corner.
Ideally you want to have significant overlap at the braking point.
‘Significant overlap’ means that you have to be at least at the helmet level. Front wing to rear tyres is not sufficient overlap.
If the attacker does not have significant overlap then the defender can close to the apex and any contact is the attacker’s fault.
Conversely, if there is significant overlap the defender can not close the corner and any contact is the defender’s fault


Drivers being shown a blue flag must yield to the leaders. This does not mean that lapped cars should immediately run themselves off the track or slow down a lot as soon as a leader appears in the mirrors. However, they are required to facilitate the lead cars passing as soon as it is safe to do so, which usually involves lifting a little bit on the straight.

The most important thing for lapper and lapped is to be predictable.

Lapped cars are not expected to lift immediately as a leader gets 1 second behind them or something. Generally speaking, the leader needs to get in the draft to expect to be waved by. If the race condition allows it, however, it is nice by to lift even earlier.

Think ahead.
For instance, if you have somebody approaching you on the start straight, try to help him by before reaching a twisty section where passing is much more difficult and dangerous.
If you are lapping, be patient. Remember that lapped drivers often have less control and experience than you. Do not put them in danger or unnecessary stress, it can be counterproductive. If you lose half a second because you encounter a lapped car in a tricky section so be it. It is part of racing.

– late in the race the lapped car is alone with several seconds gap. Moving away early and clearly is the right thing to do.
– on the opposite, if a leader is approaching two lapped cars fighting each other, giving them chance to finish their battle is good and safe, if at all possible.
Please read this post for further considerations: https://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3649958.page#11572656


Corner cutting and similar incidents will be automatically dealt with by the iRacing black flag system.
If you have a slow down penalty (black flag) you must serve it off-line, without defending or hindering approaching cars,
Deliberately and repeatedly taking advantage of 1x Off Tracks to gain speed shall be penalized post race.


Towing into the pits for repairs is allowed but pit stops for the sole purpose of refuelling are discouraged.


In case of a spin or other incident you must not rejoin the track until it is safe to do so. Never rejoin the track perpendicular to the racing line.
Use the F3 information (Relative Screen) as well as your eyes to determine when you can safely rejoin.

This applies to all sessions – Race, Qualifying, and Practicing too.
What’s the point in hastily rejoining in front of somebody when you’ve already ruined your own lap?

If you spin lock the brakes and hold still until the track is clear.
It is much more difficult for other drivers to avoid you if you start moving


Drivers are strongly encouraged to use a personalized livery.
There is an iGPFun paint pack regularly updated and sent to the broadcasters every week.
Only liveries from the pack will be displayed; trading paint is not active in broadcasts.


Drivers are also warmly invited to share their pre-race and post-race thoughts in the forum as well as on our Discord channel.