Formula Giving: Sponsors and Prizes

Cash Prizes and our Sponsors

We are most grateful to iRacing and VRS ,our long running sponsors that has always donated generously.

Thanks to them we can offer:

  • 500 USD in iRacing credits for the drivers.
  • Every driver donating at least 20 EUR/USD will receive at least 10 EUR/USD in VRS credits.
  • A VRS Direct Drive wheel (or VRS pedals) will be put on auction, all money raised will go the charity.

    The higher you finish the more cash you can get, but everyone has a good chance to win iRacing credits, no matter their finishing position.
    Credits will be assigned as in the table below. Brief explanation.
    One driver selected randomly between those finishing in the top 3 will receive 80$
    One driver selected randomly between the top 6 will receive 70$
    One driver in the top 10 will receive 60$ and so forth.
    This means that if you finish in the top 3 you will have 1 out of 3 chances to get 80$, 1 in 6 to get 70$ and 1 in 10 to get 60$.

Please note:
only drivers completing at least 90% of the race distance are eligible for the cash prizes;
people that have not donated will still receive the cash prize, but 20$ will be deducted from it.

Have a look on VRS Shop ( Pedals and Wheel Base )

and follow this post in discord for the auction ( Link )


Wheel Base