How to Join the Race

Start Time and Joining the Race Server

You can see the start time in your local time zone at:
It indicates the start of practice, which lasts 90 minutes and is followed by 30 minutes qualify and then the race.

During winter time (Europe):
– Practice starts at 1930 GMT
– Qualify starts at 2100 GMT ; open qualify, unlimited laps.
– Race starts at 2130 GMT

During summer time (Europe):
– Practice starts at 1830 GMT
– Qualify starts at 2000 GMT
– Race starts at 2030 GMT

Donors have precedence

You can join the race server from the link above, by clicking on the green steering wheel icon.

Donors can join immediately when the server becomes active
Non-Donors are asked to wait one hour before joining

There are tracks with more drivers than available slots, donors have precedence and non-donors can only enter if spots remain available 1 hour after the server is launched.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Donations are used to cover the broadcast costs.
No money at all is kept by the organizers. On the opposite, expenses tend to surpass donations.