2022 Season 3 – Patch 3

F3-related extract from the official release notes.

Virtual Reality

  • Two new settings options, “UIScreenDistCM” and “UIScreenWidthCM” have been added to the [VR] sections of the “rendererDX11.ini” files.
  • – – These new distance settings specify the depth and width (measured in centimeters) where the UI screens should render in world space. Generally, if you scale the distance you also want to scale the width about the same amount to keep the apparent size of the screen about the same, otherwise the screen may become too tiny or too large to utilize.
  • When the Sim is launched from the iRacingUI with a specific display device request (OpenVR, Rift, OpenXR, Monitors), the Simulator will no longer try to detect/initialize unrelated VR HMDs/runtimes unnecessarily.

Full release notes at: