Briefing – CotA

BRIEFING – Circuit of the Americas

25 Laps , 137.75 km
43.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

5.51 km, ~1.63 Liters per lap
  • No active overtakes until after Turn 10 Left, magenta in the map above.
  • There is a tight hairpin just after the no pass zone. Be very careful to avoid accidents; they might be heavily penalized.
    No late diving; be aware of sudden slow downs and concertina effects.
  • If you get a slow down, you must serve it offline without hindering other drivers
  • Please remember that taking 1x on purpose to gain an advantage even a single time, e.g. gaining or defending a position, can be punished after the race.
  • In general, do not worry about 1x.
    However, avoid repetitive, excessive 1x. Getting a 1x close to the line, e.g. with two wheels on the curb, is not a big deal; repeatedly going wider than that might be penalized
  • No lapping in the middle of the esses, with rare exceptions.
    All corners there are linked. Mess one up, to help somebody through, and you will be slow on the racing line for all others cars, which is really dangerous.
  • There might be cars with different downforce and tyres in different conditions; be aware of speed differentials
  • Careful when exiting the pits in qualify (and race if need be).