Briefing – Imola


30 Laps , 147.30 km
44.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

4.91 km, ~1.42 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 6 Right (Villeneuve), magenta in the map above.
  • Please remember that driving off track voluntarily (1x) is strictly prohibited and can be penalized.
    However, it is easy to get 1x by mistake on this track. We do not aim to penalize errors and therefore we will not monitor the 1x. Just play it fair and all will be fine. We will go with the honor system: do not aim to get the 1x, but do not go crazy to avoid them, either.

    However, there will be checks on particular corners; constantly picking up 1x in the same place may incur in a penalty. ‘Constantly’ is defined as being off-track in more than X% of the race laps, with X being larger than 15 (exact number not disclosed).

    Corners checked:
    Villeneuve, T5-T6. 4 wheels off the curb may trigger a penalty.
    Piratella, T9L (in this map, T8 elsewhere). 4 wheels off the curb may trigger a penalty.
    Acque Minerali, T12R. 4 wheels off the curb may trigger a penalty.
    Variante Alta, T14-T15. Too wide on exit might trigger a penalty. 1x on the curbs not monitored.
    Rivazza, T17-T18. It is ok to have 4 wheels beyond the white line entering 18, but do not go too wide triggering 1x on entry.

  • If you get a slow down (black flag), you must serve it off-line without hindering other cars