Briefing – Long Beach

BRIEFING – Long Beach

40 Laps , 126.40 km
41.5+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

3.16 km, ~0.98 Liters per lap
  • No active overtakes until after Turn 8 Right, magenta in the map above.
  • In the past we have had troubles at the fountain/roundabout and in the tight final hairpin. Let’s try to be extra careful.
  • If you get a slow down, you must serve it offline without hindering other drivers.
    If you get it in Turn 1, you will likely have to get out of the way between T4 and T5 or between T5 and T6. Hindering others while serving a slow down will result in a post-race penalty.
  • If you crash, tow away as quickly as possible to get out of the way.
    Walls and blind corners can be messy.
  • Passing attempts at the final hairpin are strongly discouraged. You have a long straight just after the corner to attack safely. Causing an accident at the hairpin might be heavily penalized. Lapping is equally discouraged there.
  • Short track, traffic can be an issue in qualify. If you are not on a fast lap, remember to get out of the way.
    If you have already scored your fast lap, please consider staying in the pits to reduce traffic.
  • This is not a legal line (T9R); remember to keep two tyres within the track (red line):