Briefing -Mount Panorama Bathurst

Bathurst Mount Panorama

24 Laps , 149.04 km
40+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

1.59 Liters per lap

Dangerous track. It needs extra care on the twisty section but then opens up with safe passing opportunities.

  • No active overtakes until after the first turn, magenta in the map above.
  • Being allowed to overtake into Turn 2 does not mean that you have to do it. Causing a crash by attempting a pass there might be harshly penalized.
  • No passing on the mountain in lap 1. In fact, passing there is virtually impossible and strongly discouraged the entire race
  • No 3-wide for the entire lap 1, as usual, no matter how tempting the Conrod Straight might be.
  • No lapping in the mountain section, blue in the map.
    There is one place where lapped cars can give way in the mountain, just before the esses or, in exceptional cases, on the left of the esses, off-track and cutting the corner. However, there is only a brief space to do so. Be careful. Be also careful not to ‘stop’ to get one car through and then re-join at very slow speed in front of other cars.
  • It is very important that slower, lapped cars give way well before/after the mountain. If you have to lift heavily to do so, please do. Just check the F3 relative information to make sure you are not letting one car through and then hindering others.
    This is also true for qualifying: do not hinder other cars. If you are not on a fast lap yourself, you must yield.
  • You have 24 laps to easily pass people, no need to take risks in the group.
  • If you crash out in the mountain (I hope not!), press the tow button as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to make a 3 point turn behind a blind corner in a narrow track, please.
  • In the first couple of laps you will likely need to lift in the two usually flat out left-handers on top of the mountain. Do not get caught out by low grip on cold tyres and cause a crash by losing control.
  • Do not run a low downforce setup that you cannot handle on the mountain. We must avoid spin/crashes in that section. A blocked track would be disastrous in a large field.

Penalties and Safety Points

Post race incident reports and penalties (hopefully none) are communicated in discord.
You can read philosophy and details in this page.

The Last race incident report is at this discord link, only visible to registered members.
Just scroll down to the latest message in the discord channel.
Have a look also at the #race-school-videos section, if you mind.


  • Take it easy at race start.
    The goal is to get going safely and get in line. You must not attempt to gain places.
    Do not try to get a great start on the lights, it is unnecessary risky
  • No lane change at the start, at least until the first corner and longer if necessary.
    Stay in your lane and try to maintain a constant distance from the car in front. No sudden braking, do not drive faster than the cars ahead of you.
    If by doing so you pass cars in the other lane, perhaps because they had a slow start, it is fine. However, you must not attempt to outbrake others or take advantage of the situation to gain places
    Always go for the safest action. If a car in front of you has a very slow start, it is ok to pass it.
  • Be careful about the concertina effect braking for slow corners in the early race.
    Try to be as smooth as possible, with gradual braking and no sudden changes, but expect to have to slow down a lot, especially later in the field.
  • No 3-wide attacking for the entire lap 1
  • No blocking
  • No dive bombing
  • If you get a black flag slow down, you must serve it off-line without hindering other cars.
  • Please remember that driving off track voluntarily (1x) is strictly prohibited.
    You can receive a time penalty post-race for having too many off-tracks (undisclosed number). There is also an automatic slow down in race if you have too many incident points. However, we do not aim to penalize errors. Just play it fair and all will be fine.
  • Always stay on-track on corner entry. This means that two wheels must always be fully within the track boundaries (usually white line). Exceptions are noted in the weekly briefing. Failure to stay on track on corner entry results in heavy post-race time penalties.
  • Any intentional contact is heavily penalized. This includes bump drafting.
  • Respect blue flags – which means helping the leaders through, but do not expect lapped cars to immediately pull over
  • No unsafe rejoins
  • Stay on the racing surface
  • No team games, such as giving each other a draft in qualify. Not everyone has a team, let’s make it fair for all.
  • No chat in qualify and race, it is welcome in practice sessions
    More details in the League Rules page


Every race is broadcast live on Youtube.
Donations are unfortunately needed to cover the cost.
Details on how to donate in our discord and website, thank you for your help !

Every Sunday we get together in discord to watch the race broadcast, starting at midnight Europe, 6pm US East Coast. Join us if you have the time.

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