Briefing – Silverstone Historic

BRIEFING – Silverstone Historic

30 Laps , 150.6 km
42.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.
5.02 km, ~1.34 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 6 Left, Chapel, magenta in the map above.
  • If you get a slow down, you must serve it offline without hindering other drivers
  • Do not go too wide in T10 Right, Club. Keep at least one wheel on the white line through that corner. The situation will be scrutinized post-race and may result in a time penalty. A couple of slight mistakes are ok; intentionally running super wide is not.
    See video at this link for an example of an illegal line.
  • No team games in qualify, such as waiting for each other to get a tow