Briefing – Spa Classic

BRIEFING – Spa (classic start)

22 Laps , 154.0 km
42+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

7.0 km, ~1.83 Liters per lap
  • No active overtakes until after Eau Rouge/Radillion, magenta in the map above.
  • No 3-wide attacks on lap 1, no matter how tempting it can be and how much draft you are getting
  • Collecting an excessive number of 1x may result in a post-race penalty.
    Pay particular attention to Turn 11 Left (red in track map above).
    Deliberately taking advantage of off-tracks in specific occasions can also be penalized, regardless of the overall count. If you gain/defend a place by going on track, give the position back.
    Do not go fully off-tracks (4 wheels) on corner entry. A bit inside the white line mid corner is not going to be an issue, instead. The message is always the same. Drive naturally and do not worry about off-tracks. If you get a few by mistakes it is not a problem. If you keep getting a 1x in the same corner, it means you need to change your line a bit. If you don’t change it, you may be penalized
  • Plenty of overtaking opportunities during the race. No need to take risks, especially early on or in a pack of cars.
  • Les Combes, at the end of the straight after the Eua Rouge, is a known trouble spot in lap 1, be careful.
  • There are often contacts at the chicane, please be careful there.
  • Remember that you will reach the braking zone with added speed when in a draft, needing to brake earlier
  • Remember: no team games like getting a draft in qualify.
  • Be careful on pit exit, you may find yourself on the racing line