Briefing – Spa GP


22 Laps , 154.0 km
TBA+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

7.00 km, ~TBA Liters per lap
  • No active overtakes until after Eau Rouge/Radillion, magenta in the map above.
  • No 3-wide attacks on lap 1, no matter how tempting it can be and how much draft you are getting.
  • We often have troubles at the chicane on lap 1. Please be patient, you will have plenty of chances to pass in the rest of the race. And please remember that you are not allowed to attack 3-wide in lap 1.
  • Do not get 1x on purpose. This is particularly important in T11L, T12L and T15R. Excessive numbers of 1x may result in a post-race time penalty.
  • Plenty of overtaking opportunities during the race. No need to take risks, especially early on or in a pack of cars.
  • Les Combes, at the end of the straight after the Eua Rouge, is a known trouble spot in lap 1, be careful.
  • There are often contacts at the chicane, please be careful there.
  • Remember that you will reach the braking zone with added speed when in a draft, you may need to brake earlier