Briefing – Watkins Glen Classic Boot

BRIEFING – Watkins Glen Classic Boot

28 Laps , 152.04 km
44.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

5.43 km, ~1.50 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 1 Right, magenta in the map above.
  • Please remember: no three wide in lap 1. Getting 3-wide into the outer loop on the first straight is tempting… but illegal. The risk of a huge crash is just too high.
  • Avoid going excessively wide in Turn 1 to get an advantage. ‘Excessive’ or ‘advantage’ is at the sole stewards’ discretion. As a guideline, remaining close to the curb is fine, repeatedly going much wider than that might be problematic. If you go wide in T1, do not attack/defend on the following straight to gain/keep a position.
  • We will not monitor driving off-track, but not getting a 1x, in Turn 8. We ask to please stay within the track boundaries if you can. Thank you.
  • The car will tend to understeer on the first lap. It is common to attempt a pass, drift wide and cause a crash. Please be careful.
  • Passing is easy on this track. The race is long with many passing opportunities, no reason to take risks when a mistake can cause a huge pile up. Remember that you do not have to be ahead every single corner; avoid unnecessary risks and it will be more fun for everyone
  • No planned team games (e.g. draft in qualify), thank you.