Broadcasts are expensive.
iGPFun participation remains free, but unfortunately we have to ask donations to help cover their costs.

We need a 20 EUR donation by ~35 drivers to cover each season costs.

Do not feel obligated should it not be within your means to donate, we are happy to have you with us regardless.
However, if you could send us some money it would be greatly appreciated, thank you !

Please note that we do not keep any money. It all goes to cover the broadcast fees.
If we have more money than we spend in a season, we use it to cover following seasons without asking for further donations.

As a donor, you:

– can enter the server one hour before non-donors. This guarantees a place when the server is full
– have access to the iGPFun VRS team, where you can see telemetry (and sets) of all other members. No paid VRS subscription is necessary
– have access to the iGPFun F3 Motec project. Comprehensive and easy to use telemetry package
– Donor status lasts for the season you donated and the following one

How to donate

Paypal – recommended only if there is no currency conversion

– Do not convert currency (fees are very expensive)
– Choose the ‘send money to a friend/family’ option.
If you select shop/vendor we will pay much higher fees for no reason (we are not a shop).
– There is a 5% fee for international payments outside the Euro zone (US to Europe, UK to Europe)

– Send EUR and possibly GBP (but we recommend wise for GBP) to:

– Send USD (do not convert currency) to:

Bank Transfer –
Cheapest option for international transfers and currency conversion

If you prefer a bank transfer, please send me a message in discord to get the coordinates.
This is the cheapest option for international transfers (except within the EURO zone)

If you need to send money internationally and/or convert currency,
Wise is often the cheapest option

When sending 20 GBP to Europe, for instance, you pay ~4 EUR with paypal (quite a waste) and 0.4 EUR with wise