Custom Liveries

Drivers can use their own custom liveries during the iGPFun races and on this page you can find an overview of everything you need to know in order to get set up properly. As the races are broadcast on the iRacing eSports Network (iESN) via Apex Racing TV, there are additional requirements and steps you need to take in order for your livery to be shown in all its glory during the broadcasts. The overview also sets out how you can download the liveries of the other drivers correctly, as using “Trading Paints” may show other liveries than the ones used on the broadcast.

First Steps for Creating Your Own Livery

First of all, you need the car’s template before you can start designing your livery. You can get the official template by going to the iRacing UI, click on ‘My Content’, and subsequently on ‘Paint Shop’. Select the car you wish to design a livery for, scroll down a bit and click on “Download Template”.

In order to open the template, you need image editing software that can handle Adobe Photoshop’s PSD files. An example of free software that you could use is GIMP.

When opening the template, you might initially feel lost. A custom template for the F3 car is available on the iGPFun Discord that will help you understand what you are looking at. There are videos and tutorials out there that will help you improve your design skills much better than we could ever do, so we will not cover the actual design part of your livery on this page.

Adhere to the iRacing Custom Paint Policy

When designing your livery, adhere to the iRacing Custom Paint Policy. This includes the following:

  • Your livery is not allowed to be “indecent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, harassing; contain expressions of hatred, bigotry, racism or pornography, promote or otherwise refer to tobacco products, alcohol or illicit drugs, constitute or encourage a criminal offense, or otherwise objectionable.”
  • You are not allowed to use logos, graphics or any other intellectual property of a third party. There are two exceptions to this rule:
    • The logo or graphic is readily available in the iRacing Paint Shop.
    • You have obtained permission in writing from the owner.
  • You are not allowed to replace the logo of the car’s manufacturer with that of another manufacturer.

The above therefore means that you are not allowed to run a livery of Red Bull, Ferrari, Williams or any other team, nor have any sponsorship on your car – which includes any commercial logo – for which you have not obtained written permission.

It is important that you adhere to the custom paint policy, as the iGPFun races will be broadcast on the iRacing eSports Network. Not fulfilling the requirements above will mean that your livery cannot be used during the broadcast. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the ‘F3 Liveries’ channel in the ‘League Organization’ section of our league’s Discord. We would be more than willing to help you ensure you can drive with your livery.

Keep in mind that, as per the iRacing Custom Paint Policy, you are entirely responsible for your livery.

Finding your iRacing ID & Exporting your Livery

In order for iRacing to be able to use your livery, you have to save your livery as a TGA file. You need to make sure to select 24 bits as well as enable the RLE compression when exporting the file. Don’t forget to turn of the “Turn off before Exporting TGA” group of layers!

The filename should be as followed: car_123456.tga

The numbers should be replaced with your iRacing ID. You can find your iRacing ID in the iRacing UI by going to your profile, where at the top it will show you Customer ID. Alternatively, you can also find your iRacing ID on the iRacing Member Site by going to your account, where it will display your Customer ID on the top right side of your screen, just underneath the iRacing banner.

Our league uses ‘custom numbers and decals’, meaning that you can add the graphics for the numbers to your livery file (see next section). This is however not mandatory.

Custom Numbers on your Livery

It is possible to include a custom number on your livery, instead of having the iRacing software do it for you. Just like any other decal or logo, you can add your number to wherever you like on your car. We however recommend that your numbers are clearly visible and readable.

For your custom number to show up properly in iRacing you need to do two things: save your file correctly and enable the feature in iRacing.

To save your file correctly, you need to name it as follows, replacing the numbers with your iRacing ID: car_num_123456.tga

In order for the livery to display correctly now, you need to go to settings when you are in iRacing, go to the graphics tab, and click ‘Hide car numbers’ option near the bottom right.

[What about decals?]

Using Spec Maps

I have no experience with this.

Submitting your Livery

In order for your livery to be used during the broadcasts, you need to submit it to the league organisors. You can do this by uploading your livery files (the car_num_id.tga and car_spec_id.mip files) in the ‘F3 Liveries’ channel in the ‘League Organization’ section of our league’s Discord.

Please submit your liveries as soon as possible – and well before the race – as we will double check the suitability of your livery before including it in the league’s livery pack.

If you do not provide a livery, your car will be displayed in the standard iRacing paint, as the broadcast will not make use of Trading Paints. As this will not look nice on the broadcast, we highly encourage you to submit your own livery as we want to avoid a grid with iRacing paints.

Using All Drivers’ Liveries during iGPFun Races

The league’s livery pack – containing the liveries of all drivers in the league that have submitted a livery – will be available for download in the ‘F3 Liveries’ channel in the ‘League Organization’ section of our league’s Discord. Having extracted the individual files from the pack, place them in iRacing’s F3 liveries folder. This folder can normally be found in your documents folder -> iRacing -> paint -> dallaraf3.

Reviewing or Updating your Livery

If you wish to see what custom livery is used by the broadcast for your car, download the league’s livery pack from the ‘F3 Liveries’ channel in the ‘League Organization’ section of our league’s Discord.

Should you wish to update your livery, follow the same steps as mentioned in the ‘Submitting your Livery‘ section on this page.

Use your Livery Outside the iGPFun League: Trading Paints

Should you wish to use your livery outside the league’s races as well, then we recommend you upload the livery to Trading Paints. More information on this can be found on the Trading Paints website.