Race Briefing

Most league communications and pre- post-race discussions are in discord nowadays.
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First race of the season, this briefing has extensive information that will not appear in the future.
Thanks for your patience.
Weekly briefings have a track section that changes every week and then general info (e.g. liveries) that are always identical.

New Season Info

Welcome to all the new members and thank you for joining us !
It is very important that you familiarize yourself with our rules and philosophy.
Please read the info on this page (click) and elsewhere on this site.
I know it is long, thank you for doing it. If anything is not clear please ask.
Every week you will receive a briefing with information about the track. Read it carefully, there are tracks with special rules.

Entering the Race Server

Non-donors must enter the server 1 hour after it launches, at 830pm GMT (2130 Europe, 1530 US East Coast)
Details in the info for new drivers and in the briefing below.
Sometimes we have more drivers than available slots, so it is important that people that help pay for the broadcast have precedence.
Thank you for your cooperation.

iGPFun Rules

Having 60 cars on track, we need to be extra careful and avoid accidents that can be devastating in the early race.
– There is a NO PASS ZONE for the first few corners. Details in the weekly briefing.
– 3-wide attacks are forbidden for the entire lap 1
The idea is to be patient and safe. Plenty of time to gain places in the rest of the race (45 minutes)

No Blocking

Blocking is not tolerated in the least and heavily penalized.
Race and let race, it is more fun for everyone.
Even one single move can be blocking.
It is defending if you move to cover before the guy behind you.
It is blocking if you move to cover after the guy behind you.
Watch the videos in the race school section of discord to see some example.

No Dive Bombing

You must be fully alongside at turn in, ideally at the braking point, to attempt a pass and have right to the apex.
You must not attempt to overtake if you cannot stay close to the apex on a normal racing line. No cutting in front of the other car … or crashing into the sidepod!
Late dives will not win you any friend, please be patient and attack only when you know you will not cause an accident

Give Racing Space

You might have seen F1 drivers taking the track away by moving towards the outside of a corner, or even pushing others off-track. Please forget these, we do not drive like that.
You must always leave sufficient racing space for the car(s) alongside you.
Incidentally, this ensures longer battles and side by side racing that everyone enjoys.

Stay on Track

Drivers must stay on the racing surface, usually delimited by solid white lines.
Voluntarily driving outside such lines to gain an advantage is against the rule and punishable (usually post-race).
In this context, ‘outside’ means 4-wheels past the line/curb or getting a 1x if present in iRacing
Exceptions are allowed and usually specified in the weekly race briefing.
Driving on the grass/sand is always illegal and will result in disqualification.
Driving on surfaces like the green curbs present in many tracks is also ok.

The above does not apply to corner exit.
Driving on surfaces like the green exit curbs present in many tracks is also ok.
The purpose is to avoid exploits, not to punish mistakes.

New Driver? Welcome !

Every week you will receive a race briefing, on Sunday. You must read it, thank you for your patience.
There is a track section that changes every week and must be read, there are track specific rules,
followed by general info (e.g. liveries) that are always identical.

It is very important that you read the League Rules (click) and Information for New Drivers (click)
Ask if anything is not clear.

How to Join the Race Server

– Donors can join the race server immediately, at 730 pm GMT (2030 Central Europe, 1430 US East Coast)
– Non donors must wait 1 hour (830pm GMT; 2130 Central Europe, 1530 US East Coast)
Instructions on how to donate to cover the broadcast cost later in this message and in discord.
You can join the server and see the start time in your local time zone at:


23 Laps
42+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

Many passing places at Road America. Be careful and we will have an entertaining race.
Be impatient and it will be a disaster.

  • No pass until after T3R, magenta in the map above.
    Please remember that causing an accident in lap 1 may be heavily penalized.
  • Turn 5 Left is dangerous, especially on lap 1.
    Passing is allowed there but it does not mean that you have to do it. Please remember that being safe in lap 1 is more important than gaining a place. Avoid risks as much as possible.
    Same considerations for Canada corner, turn 12 right.
  • The Kink, Turn 11 Right,
    is never a passing place. Even less so in lap 1. Avoid side by side, not even for lapping.
    We have had huge crashes in the past due to people trying to pass there in the early race.
    Similar considerations for Turn 13 Left; not a place to be side by side if it can be avoided.
  • Be careful under braking
    There will be cars with different wing levels. Be aware of the speed difference.
    Cars with less wings will brake earlier, do not run into them.
    Please remember that you will arrive into the braking zone faster if you are in a tow. You will need to brake earlier.
  • Do not worry about 1x off tracks at Road America.
    However, it is illegal to drive with 4 wheels outside the curb when approaching Turn 5 Left, at the end of the long straight.
    Reason for the rule: we have seen problems in the past with people cutting back towards the apex after doing so.
  • Pay attention when exiting the pits in qualify (and race if needed). Do not occupy the racing line with incoming cars.
    Please remember that team games are not allowed. No waiting for each other to give a draft, for instance. This is because not everyone has a team, let us make it fair for all.
  • Corner by corner race tips, fuel consumption and demo lap at this link, Road America track tips
  • The goal of the start is to get going safely and get in line. You must not attempt to gain places.
    No lane change at the start, at least until the first corner and longer if necessary.
    Stay in your lane and try to maintain a constant distance from the car in front. No sudden braking, do not drive faster than the cars ahead of you.
    If by doing so you pass cars in the other lane it is fine, perhaps because they had a slow start. However, you must not attempt to outbrake others or take advantage of the situation to gain places
    Always go for the safest action. If a car ahead of you has a very slow start it is ok to pass it.
  • Be careful about the concertina effect braking for slow corners in the early race.
    Try to be as smooth as possible, with gradual braking and no sudden changes, but expect to have to slow down a lot, especially later in the field.
  • No 3-wide attacking for the entire lap 1

Penalties and Safety Points

Post race incident reports and penalties (we hope there will be none) are communicated in discord.
You can read philosophy and details in this page.


  • Take it easy at race start
  • No blocking
  • No dive bombing
  • Respect blue flags – which means helping the leaders through, but do not expect lapped cars to immediately pull over
  • No unsafe rejoins
  • Stay on the racing surface
  • No chat in qualify and race, it is welcome in practice sessions
    More details in the League Rules page


Every race is broadcast live on youtube by Apex Racing TV
Donations are unfortunately needed to cover the cost.
Details on how to donate in our discord, thank you for your help !

Every sunday we get together to watch the race broadcast, starting at 11pm GMT.
There is chat dedicated to watching the race in our discord

Every race of the season in the playlist:

Today race:

The information below is identical every week


It is forbidden to have commercial names on the livery unless you have explicit permission to use them.
This means no ‘canon williams’, no red bull liveries etc.

Trading Paint is not active in our broadcast.

If you want your livery to appear in the broadcast, you must submit it in discord
If you want to see all the liveries (not mandatory but recommended) you must download the iGPFun Paint Pack (click), regularly updated and used by the broadcaster.

Instructions to install it in our discord channel (and soon on the website)
Car paint templates, iGPFun Logos for cars and more are available in the dedicated discord channel (and soon on the website).


Two drivers teams can be formed, but it is not mandatory. Both drivers bring points to the standings.
If you have a team or want to find a team mate please write so in discord (teams subchannel)

Standings and Statistics

Best 10 results count for the season.

In addition to the overall standings we have
– iGPFun-3000, reserved to drivers with iRating below 3000
– iGPFun-2000, reserved to drivers with iRating below 2000

Results. statistics and more are available on Adam Talsma’s site (thank you Adam!)
iGPFun standings and statistics (click) – please note, 2022S1 data not yet available

Website, Facebook and Discord

The discord page is rather active with discussions on tracks, races, setups, software/hardware help, schedule, real racing and more.
League communications are there.
It is also starting to act as a general iRacing F3 discord.

Discord channel: iGPFun League , join at https://discord.gg/pAduK2q (you must indicate your iracing name to gain full access)

Facebook group: iGPFun-F3 VRS, join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1200012406871545/

Website: http://www.igpfun.com

We also have an iGPFun team to share telemetry and sets in VRS (does not require a paid subscription).
Donors can join it, drop a message in discord if you are interested.