Teams and Standings


The best 10 results out of 12 races count for the season standings.
43 points to the winner, then 42, 41, 40 and so forth. At least 90% of the race distance must be completed to score points.

In addition to the overall standings, we have:

  • iGPFun-3000 , reserved for drivers with iRating below 3000
  • iGPFun-2000 , reserved for drivers with iRating below 2000

Current standings and statistics are available in the Standings (click) menu of this site.
Thanks to Adam Talsma for providing a very polished service !


Teams of 2 drivers can be formed (not mandatory).
Both drivers score points for the team.
As a rule, team members cannot be changed during a season. Exceptions can be made.

If you want to register a team or look for a team-mate please send a message in the F3-teams channel of our Discord