Track Info – Montreal

The chicanes are narrow and dangerous, with walls allowing no mistakes.
Side by side requires cooperation by both drivers and wastes a lot of time.
If you are being attacked, it is often better to concede the corner and prepare to take the position back in another lap.
If you crash in the middle of the track, press the tow button as quickly as possible.

Turn 1 Left, 2 Right – Passing is tempting but dangerous, due to the need of turning while braking for turn 2.
It can be achieved if drivers respect each other.

All chicanes– Narrow lines and walls on the outside make passing very dangerous. If you can get clearly in front before the braking zone (green in the map), then go for it. Otherwise it is better to avoid attempts that are going to be very costly, certainly in terms of time and possibly in crashing.

Turn 6 left– There is room for side by side here, providing you don’t cut across in turn 7. However, it is very difficult to get a run on somebody approaching the corner, between turn 4 and 6.

Turn 10 Right– The hairpin is the safest passing zone. If you get alongside under braking there is plenty of room to go side by side through the corner. However, tactically it is usually not a smart choice, since attacking here opens you up to being repassed in the long straight following the hairpin. It is usually much better to get a good exit from the hairpin and attack after it, taking advantage of the strong tow.