Road Atlanta – 2022 Season 3, Round 11

Track: Road Atlanta
Layout: Full Course
iGPFun Race Time: Sunday, August 21th – 23:30 CET, 16:30 ET
iGPFun Expected Laps: 37 | F3 DOF Reality Championship Laps: 20

This is our 7th iGPFun visit to Road Atlanta in the F3 car, though the circuit has been a mainstay for iGPFun throughout the league’s history. Last season, Jahrome Lamey held off Samuel Hermer for the win, but Hermer’s been a near-constant presence on the podium here over the years and will look to find the finish that eluded him at Montreal.

Last iGPFun Race (same layout): 2022 Season 2, Round 10
Most Road Atlanta F3 Wins: 1 – Lamey & Qio-Tiago Marteau
Road Atlanta F3 Wins (Active Drivers): Lamey (1) & Marteau (1)
Road Atlanta F3 Podiums (Active Drivers): Hermer (4), Luca Varani (2), Marteau (1), Lamey (1), Simon Fessy (1), Gavin Petty (1)
*Active Drivers have at least 1 start in current or most recent iGPFun season