Silverstone – 2022 Season 3, Round 12

Track: [Legacy] Silverstone – 2008
Layout: Historic Grand Prix
iGPFun Race Time: Sunday, September 4th – 23:30 CET, 16:30 ET
iGPFun Expected Laps: 25 | F3 DOF Reality Championship Laps: 18

This is our 7th iGPFun visit to Silverstone in the F3 car, but it’s the first return to the Historical Grand Prix layout since we visited in the early days of the Formula 3 on iRacing in 2019 Season 2. Jahrome Lamey claimed a win on the modern Silverstone layout last season, but it’s only Luca Varani who has claimed a spot on the podium in this configuration.

Last iGPFun Race (same layout):
Most Road Atlanta F3 Wins: 2 – Qio-Tiago Marteau
Road Atlanta F3 Wins (Active Drivers): Marteau (2), Lamey (1), Samuel Hermer (1), Varani (1)
Road Atlanta F3 Podiums (Active Drivers): Hermer (2), Varani (2), Marteau (2), Lamey (1), Aaron Smith (1), Alex Sevillano (1), Stuart Milne (1)
*Active Drivers have at least 1 start in current or most recent iGPFun season