Briefing – Sebring International

BRIEFING – Sebring

25 Laps , 148.75 km
43.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

5.95 km, ~1.63 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 5 Left, magenta on the map above
  • Causing accidents in lap 1, especially at the hairpin, may be harshly penalized.
  • Special track rule: 3 wide attacks are forbidden in lap 1. This only applies until T16R on this track. The long back straight is considered ‘lap 2’ for this purpose.
    3-wide remain dangerous, just think very carefully if you really want to do it.
  • It is possible to drive beyond the white line on entry in Turn 16 right (Le Mans)
  • Please remember that driving off track voluntarily (1x) is strictly prohibited.
    You can receive a time penalty post-race for having too many off-tracks (undisclosed number). There is also an automatic slow down in race if you have too many incident points.

    However, 1x do not matter on this track.
  • Typical trouble spots for accidents: Turn 1, Turn 7 (hairpin), Turn 10 and the last corner. Please be careful
  • Pit entry can be messy in qualifying. Pay attention to incoming cars.
  • If you get a slow down, serve it on a straight, off the racing line without hindering others. You are not supposed to mantain your position if you get a slow down with a car just behind you.