F3 World Cup – BRIEFING

Road America, 23 laps, 149.7km
Suggested fuel: 42.5 liters; check with your own driving
Important instructions on how to join the race are at the end of this page

Race starts at 21:30 GMT
Open qualify starts at 21:00 GMT
Practice starts at 19:30 GMT

Please read the rules and briefing below.
Help us make it an enjoyable event to drive and watch, thank You

  • Please note that this is not an iGPFun league race, there is no particular starting procedure.
    However, causing an accident by either attempting to pass or losing control before T3R, magenta in the map above, will incur in heavy point penalties for the entire team.
  • The race is long with many overtaking possibilities. Please play it safe early on, so that we can enjoy 45 minutes of great racing instead of a big crash in the field.
    Attempting to pass in the first corner, for instance, is unnecessarily dangerous. Just wait another corner and you have a long, safe straight to get by other cars.
  • Turn 5 left is very dangerous in lap 1. The goal is to avoid accidents. 3-wide is not strictly forbidden but highly discouraged. Please remember that being safe in lap 1 is more important than gaining a place. Avoid risks as much as possible.
  • Do not worry about 1x off tracks.
    However, it is illegal to drive with 4 wheels outside the track when approaching Turn 5 Left, at the end of the long straight. The track is delimited by the white line, not by the curb.
    Time penalties will be assessed during or after the race if you do not respect the track limits.
  • The Kink, Turn 11 Right, is never a passing place. Even less so in lap 1. Avoid side by side, not even for lapping.
    Every race we have somebody attempting a pass at the Kink and causing a huge accident in the early race. It will be very severely penalized, even affecting future races.
  • Similar considerations for Turn 13 Left; not a place to be side by side if it can be avoided.
  • Be careful under braking. There might be cars with different wing levels. Be aware of the speed difference.
    Cars with less wings will brake earlier, do not run into them.
    Please remember that you will arrive into the braking zone faster if you are in a tow. You will need to brake earlier.
  • Be careful about the concertina effect braking for slow corners in the early race.
    Try to be as smooth as possible, with gradual braking and no sudden changes, but expect to have to slow down a lot, especially later in the field.
  • Pay attention when exiting the pits in qualify (and race if needed). Do not occupy the racing line with incoming cars.

  • Please read the rules and get familiar with them. The lines below are just a summary:

    – Absolutely no blocking, defined as moving in reaction to the car behind. Even one move can be blocking.
    Penalties for blocking are severe.
    – No dive bombing. Generally speaking, you must be at driver’s level at turn in to have the right to the corner.
    – Team games are allowed, such as getting a tow in Q or running together on the straight during the race.
    However, it is strictly forbidden to hinder the opponents.
    Example: giving a tow to your team mates is ok. Getting in a train of another team to brake their tow is not.
    – Slow downs (during the race) and time penalties (afterwards) are possible for infractions such as disregarding track limits in Turn 5.
    – Causing a crash will result in heavy point penalties for your team. This is to discourage wrecking adversaries to favour your team-mates.
    The point penalty is proportional to the points lost by other teams due to the crash.
    For instance, if you crash out the leader your team is liable to lose 200 points, which is what the winner would get.
    Drivers will be judged ‘at fault’, and team penalized, in case of blocking; dive bombing and in general late dives started with no overlap at turn in; any other mischievious behaviour.
    – Chat will be disabled during qualify and race

How to Join the Race

  • All drivers must join our discord server at https://discord.gg/pAduK2q
    F3 World Cup drivers will have a channel to communicate with the race organizers. Important information will be there.
  • All drivers must register with the ‘Week 13 Big Grid Events League’ in iRacing.
    Use this page or the new interface:
    Only league members will be able to join the race. No password will be needed
  • You will see the race session in the ‘league sessions’ page.
    It will indicate the start time for practice, in your local time zone.
  • Free practice sessions will be held during the week, at the same start time as the sunday race.
    These will be in hosted and communicated in our discord channel