F3 World Cup – Format and Rules

Event Format

Race Please read the briefing carefully, it will available the day before the race.

Race Length: ~45 minutes. Laps will be set, communicated when the chosen track will be revealed (in Week 13)
Open Setup ; no mandatory pitstops, the F3 has enough fuel capacity to complete the race.

Teams of up to 4 drivers (one per car) from the same country.
The best 3 score points. The team/nation with the most points wins the event (USA won in our previous edition).

If there are less than 4 registered drivers for a given nation, they will all automatically participate.
If there are more than 4, each nation will design a ‘team captain’ responsible to select the 4 drivers. We can help set up pre-qualifying session if needed. We did so in the past, selecting drivers based on the best average over 8 laps.

National team liveries must be used, all team cars with the same livery.
Numbers will be assigned by the organizers.
Ask for details in discord if you need help.
No sponsors on the livery unless you have explicit permission to show them (for broadcast purposes).
All liveries must include the F3 world cup logo (provided in discord), usually on the outside of the wing or sidepods.


30 minutes of open qualify, just before the race.
All cars on track.

Team games such as drafting are allowed.
Obstructing other teams is strictly forbidden and will results in heavy penalties.

Race Points

This is a team event, reflected in the final standings. Teams have up to 4 cars (one driver per car, so no drivers swapping)
The best 3 finishing team members will score points. Their points will be added to define the final standings.

Team X
Driver 1 wins, gets 200 points.
Driver 2 finishes 5th, 140 points.
Driver 3 finishes 30th, 40 points.
Driver 4 finishes 40th, 21 points

Team X gets 380 points total (200+140+40). The result of driver 4 does not contribute to the team points.

Points table in the image below.. Drivers must complete at least 90% of the race laps to be assigned points.

Race Points


The rules are simple but please read them

  • Team Games: they are considered ok for this event (unlike the iGPFun league races).
    Team mates can help each other both in Qual and Race, but they must not damage other drivers or cause accidents, which will results in heavy penalties to the team.

    Examples of allowed team games: drafting, including bump drafting.
    Example of moves not allowed: bump drafting with a car not from your team; getting in the middle of another team in qualify to prevent drafting.
  • Strictly no blocking.
    This is defined as ‘moving in reaction’ trying to impede your opponents.
    It is defending if you move before the car behind you.
    It is blocking if you move after the car behind you.
    Even one move can result in a blocking call if done in reaction. This is not the F1 rule.
  • No dive bombing.
    There will be passing places on the chosen track, really no need to dive bomb.
  • Passing is allowed at race start (in contrast to the iGPFun rule).
    However, causing an accident in lap 1 will results in very heavy penalties, which will effectively prevent your team from winning.
  • Respect blue flags – which means helping the leaders through when safe. However, do not expect lapped cars to immediately pull over if you are one second behind.
  • No chat in qualify and race, it is welcome in practice sessions
    You can get more details in the iGPFun League Rules page, but please note that the F3 world cup does not follow every iGPFun rule.
    Ask in our discord if you have any question.

    Thank you for reading this !