F3 World Cup

F3 World Cup – Week 13 Big Grid Special Event

Road America

Race: Sunday, December 10th 2023 – Live broadcast

Race starts at 21:30 GMT (22:30pm Europe; 4:30pm US East Coast)
Open practice starts at 19:30 GMT (20:30 Europe, 2:30pm US East Coast)

Team of up to 4 drivers (one per car) from the same country, battling it out to find out the fastest nation in F3.

Race is ~45 minutes long, exact lap count will be provided in the pre-race briefing.

The event is meant to be a season finale offering the best of the F3
Up to 60 cars on track doing their best to provide a fun and entertaining race for both drivers and spectators.
The race will be broadcast live.

Participation is free, but donations are warmly invited to help cover broadcast costs (suggested 5-10$ per driver)


The race will be broadcast live. See embedded youtube link below.
We would appreciate if you could circulate/advertise the broadcast.
You can copy this link for your convenience


Or the previous F3 World Cup race at the video link below.
Plenty of good racing both in the league and in the F3 world cup. Have a look if you have a moment.

F3 World Cup – Watkins Glen race

All donations will be processed by Luca Varani – you can donate at the PayPal link below:

Please donate in your own currency, do not convert so we can avoid the very expensive currency fees.
Choose a private ‘transfer to a friend’ with PayPal. It is not a business transaction (which has unnecessary fees).
If you prefer a direct bank transfer (usually cheaper), please contact us for details via Discord.

How to Race

Please note: ALL drivers must register using this link (iGPFun League Discord):
Day-to-day communication and questions/answers will be provided there.
You need to set your discord name equal to your iRacing driver name. Once inside the server, you will find the F3 World Cup discussion channels.

Please note that being part of the iGPFun league does not automatically register you for this event.

We expect a full server – ‘Team captains’ (see rules) will be responsible to select the national drivers