F3 World Cup Registration and Entry List

How to register for the race

ALL drivers must register using this link: Discord W13 World Cup Event

Please note that we expect a full server. Positions will be filled on a first come/first served basis.

Once you are in the discord, write in the F3 World Cup channel registering your name/country.
If you are the first driver for your country, claim the ‘captain’ role if you are inclined to do so.
If not, the team captain will contact you if necessary (e.g. if there are more than 4 drivers registered for your country).
The captain takes care of running a national qualifying session, if necessary to define the 4 drivers, and keeps contact with the race organizers.

Day to day communications and questions/answers will be on the discord server.
Please note that you must set your discord name as your iracing name (in our channel, not everywhere on discord). Just follow the instructions at the above link. If you have troubles, write in that discord page and we can help you out.


01-02-03-04 USA West (4): Kevin San Diego, Greg Seitz, Connor Wagner, Chuck Mauro

21-22-23-24 USA East (4): Mackenzie Rune, Robert Ridgeway, Andy Flint, David C. Holland

31-32-33-34 Finland (3): Teemu Myllykangas, Niklas Wessman, Ville Haatainen

41-42-43-44 England (3): Sam Hermer, Connor Gibb, Aaron J Smith

51-52-53-54 Spain (4): Adrián Falcón, Antonio A Jiménez Téllez, Pablo Álvarez, Andony Ng

61-62-63-64 Netherlands (4): Sjaak Willems, Qio-Tiago Marteau, Yvain Van Der Hoek2, Kevin Zwemstra

71-72-73-74 Italy (4): Max Bartolotta, Andrea Catalani, Roberto Fei, Alessandro Quintaie

81-82-83-84 China (4): Zihao Liu2, Yuanxi Lin, Xiayufei Li, Piercarlo Ding

91-92-93-94 Canada (4): Lucas Maruk, Evan Way, Adam Talsma, Sonny Rosario

121-122-123-124 France (1): Simon Fessy

131-132-133-134 Germany/Austria (4): Philipp Lukas, Zoltán Zomotor, Sinan Demirbas, Sebastian Hirsch

141-142-143-144 Japan (4): Kouji Itoh, Shouta Yokobori, Tomohiro Sugamoto, Hiroyuki Matsuzaka

151-152 Denmark (2): Sebastian Gravlund, Georg Kelstrup

161-162-163 Latvia (3): Mareks Ortlovs, Ervins Tumulkans, Marcis Putnieks

171-172-173-174 Australia/New Zealand (3): Leigh Aberdeen, Deklan Webb, Cameron Dance

181-182-183-184 Chile (4): Felipe Cabrera; Michael Cofre ; Rodrigo Meetz ; Simon Duran Toledo

211-212-213 Chile (3): Tentative

191-192-193-194 Hong Kong (2): Leo Ho Yin Leung, Leo Leung

201-202-203-204 Scotland (3): Stuart Milne, Alistair Hay, Martin Devine