Briefing – Hockenheiem

BRIEFING – Hockenheiem

30 Laps , 137.1 km
42.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving

4.57 km per lap, ~1.34 Liters

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 1 Right, magenta in the map above.
  • Causing an accident up to the Turn 6 Right hairpin, cyan in the map, will be considerate just like a start accident and may be heavily sanctioned.
    No 3-wide attacks for the entire lap 1, as usual, no matter how tempting it might be.
  • Be careful of the concertina effect into the slow corners. Avoid speed differentials in the early race, unless you are attempting to overtake. Do not try to be faster or slower than the cars around you; keep a constant gap to the car in front; avoid sudden and abrupt movements. No lane changes, no hard braking. Brake early and gently; early and hard is bad, just like braking late.
  • Dive bombs are particularly tempting on this track. Please be aware that they are illegal and can be penalized post-race, even if they do not cause a crash.
    Remember also that you must leave racing space when side by side, including corner exit. Do not take the track away from your opponents. This also can be penalized post race.
  • Voluntarily driving off-track to gain an advantage is illegal.
    Aim to avoid driving off-track (1x), especially in Turn 1 right.
    Excessive off-tracks may be penalized after the race.
  • If you get a 1x in Turn 1, do not attempt to overtake into Turn 2. It will be considered gaining an advantage by driving off-track