Briefing – Magny Cours

BRIEFING – Magny Cours

33 Laps , 145.53 km
44.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.

4.41 km, 17 corners ; ~1.30 Liters per lap
  • No active overtakes until after Turn 3 Right, magenta in the map above.
  • There is a tight hairpin (T5R, Adelaide) just after the no pass zone. Be very careful to avoid accidents; they will be heavily penalized.
    No late diving; be aware of sudden slow downs and concertina effects.
  • No 3 wide in lap 1. No matter how tempting
  • The track is demanding for the pc, especially with 50+ cars on track. Lower your graphic settings as needed.
    Removing ‘objects shadows’ is effective, on top of the other usual things.
    Limiting the cars displayed helps, especially in the pits.
  • If you get a slow down, you must serve it offline without hindering other drivers
  • Driving off-tracks will be penalized after the race, especially on corner entry.
  • Please remember that taking 1x on purpose to gain an advantage even a single time, e.g. gaining or defending a position, can be punished after the race.
  • Track limits
  • Always two wheels fully on track on corner entry
  • Final chicane, T16-T17. Two wheels on track on entry for 16. We had quite a few penalties here in the past.
    No checks for off-tracks exiting the chicanes, but please do not go excessively wide.
    The second car in the image below was penalized for using that line
  • Aim to keep two wheels on track. If you go off a few times by mistake it is not a problem. If you repeatedly go off in search of a faster line you are likely to be penalized
  • T7-T8 Two wheels on track (within the white line, not on the curb) in T8L. Going slightly on the curb with the wheels closer to the track will be tolerated, especially in low grip conditions. Repeatedly going significantly off-track will be penalized
  • T12-T13 Two wheels on track on the inside of T13. Even slight off-tracks will likely be penalized if done repeatedly. Repeated off-tracks on exit (4 wheels), even not incurring in 1x, might be penalized.

    This is not an acceptable line:

Real life racing lines. Two wheels always on track:

Montoya, 2003
Sato, 2002
F1 2007
F3 2011