Briefing – Okayama

BRIEFING – Okayama

36 Laps , 133.92 km
40.5+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.
3.72 km, ~1.1 Liters per lap

  • No active overtakes until after Turn 4 Right, magenta in the map above
  • No 3-wide attacks in lap 1, no matter how tempting they might be on the long straight
  • No dive bombing
  • Excessive number of off-tracks may be penalized after the race
  • Tyre degradation might be an issue here; be aware of cars with different speed/control.
    If you are lacking control, do not put other drivers in dange
  • As always, no team games.
  • Remember that voluntarily driving outside the racing surface is illegal, for instance between Turn 6 left and 7 left.

    The following image is ok, two wheels on track:

The following is not ok if done continuously, but ending up there a few times because of mistakes on corner exit is not the end of the world:

The following is certainly not ok. Going wide on purpose to set up the following corner:

Please have a look at these videos to see the real life racing line (F3, SuperFormula and F1).