Briefing – Road America


23 Laps , 149.7 km
45.0+ Liters suggested. Always check with your own driving.
6.51 km, ~1.85 Liters per lap

Many passing places at Road America. Be careful and we will have an entertaining race.
Be impatient and it will be a disaster.

  • No passing until after T3R, magenta in the map above.
    Please remember that causing an accident in lap 1 may be heavily penalized.
  • Turn 5 Left is dangerous, especially on lap 1.
    Passing is allowed there, but it does not mean that you have to do it. Please remember that being safe in lap 1 is more important than gaining a place. Avoid risks as much as possible.
    Same considerations for Canada corner, turn 12 right.
  • No 3-wide attacks in lap 1, no matter how tempting it is.
  • The Kink, Turn 11 Right, is never a passing place. Even less so in lap 1. Avoid side by side, not even for lapping.
    Every race we have somebody attempting a pass at the Kink and causing a huge accident in the early race. It will be very severely penalized, even affecting future races.
  • Similar considerations for Turn 13 Left; not a place to be side by side if it can be avoided.
  • Be careful under braking. There will be cars with different wing levels. Be aware of the speed difference.
    Cars with less wings will brake earlier, do not run into them.
    Please remember that you will arrive into the braking zone faster if you are in a tow. You will need to brake earlier.
  • Do not worry about 1x off tracks at Road America.
    However, it is illegal to drive with 4 wheels outside the track when approaching Turn 5 Left, at the end of the long straight.
  • Pay attention when exiting the pits in qualify (and race if needed). Do not occupy the racing line with incoming cars.
    Please remember that team games are not allowed. No waiting for each other to give a draft, for instance. This is because not everyone has a team, let us make it fair for all.
  • Corner by corner race tips, fuel consumption and demo lap at this link, Road America track tips
  • The goal of the start is to get going safely and get in line. You must not attempt to gain places.
    No lane change at the start, at least until the first corner and longer if necessary.
    Stay in your lane and try to maintain a constant distance from the car in front. No sudden braking, do not drive faster than the cars ahead of you.
    If by doing so you pass cars in the other lane it is fine, perhaps because they had a slow start. However, you must not attempt to outbrake others or take advantage of the situation to gain places
    Always go for the safest action. If a car ahead of you has a very slow start it is ok to pass it.
  • Be careful about the concertina effect braking for slow corners in the early race.
    Try to be as smooth as possible, with gradual braking and no sudden changes, but expect to have to slow down a lot, especially later in the field.