Track Info – Hockenheim

Track tips, safe overtaking places.

Passing zones are color coded in the image above.
Red: do not attack here, too dangerous or tactical suicide
Orange: attacking is risky and not recommended. Likely to have a crash or lose a lot of speed.
Yellow: you may attack here but there are better places, either due to danger of crashing or for tactical reasons
Green: good passing places

Turn 1 Right – Very fast corner, narrow racing line. No point attacking here, you will lose a lot of time or cause a crash. Concentrate on the exit so you can attack into the following long straight

Turn 2 Right – Good passing opportunity. Get alongside on the straight and attack under braking.
Just avoid dive bombs and leave enough space on exit to avoid getting tangled with the other car.
If you attack here you will probably open yourself to being re-passed on the following long straight; just think about the best strategy for you.

Turn 6 Right – Best passing spot. Get a draft on the long straight, pass under braking.
Avoid dive bombs. Rremember that you will reach the braking zone with higher speed than usual if you are in a draft; you will need to brake earlier.

Turn 8 Left– Another good opportunity. Hard braking into the slow left hander. Attacks on both inside and outside can work. Be careful not to push your opponent off-track by arriving too long/wide.

Turn 10 Right– No pass can be initiated here. However, attacks started in turn 8 can be finished in this corner.

Turn 12 Right– Another fast corner with relatively narrow line. There are much better places to attack; no point forcing a side by side here, it will cost a lot of time or cause a crash.

Turn 13 Left– In theory it is possible to outbreak your opponent onto this corner; in practice the braking zone is too difficult to allow a reasonably safe pass attempt. However, you may have a chance here if your opponent is slow out of Turn 12.

Turn 16 and 17 Right– No attacking here under normal racing, nothing to gain from it. They are orange and not red simply because they are the last chance to pass on the final lap of a race.