Track Info – Motegi

Plenty of passing opportunities with long straights ending with hard braking into slow hairpins.
Just avoid dive bombs, leave space for side by side driving, and you will have good racing.

Turn 1, 3, 5, 10 and 11 – Very safe passing spots, braking hard into slow corners. Play it safe, avoid dive bombs and leave room for side by side racing. No reasons to take risks. If you don’t pass now you will have plenty of other chances.

Turn 7 Left and 8 Right– Fast left/right that will push the cars wide. Really no reason to get into a side by side here, given all the other much better opportunities on the track.

Turn 9 Left – This slow hairpin is safe for side by side, but the run up to it is short exiting turn 8. Difficult to get fully alongside into the braking zone. Better to attack in one of the ‘green corners’.

Turn 13 Left and 14 Right– Very narrow chicane with a fast and difficult entry. Not a place to attack under normal racing, you can only waste a lot of time here.