Track Info – Road Atlanta

Fast track with a very dangerous section, the esses, and a long straight for safe passing.
Races are often a matter of attrition, with many drivers making mistakes.

Passing zones are color coded in the image above.
Red: do not attack here, too dangerous or tactical suicide
Orange: attacking is risky and not recommended. Likely to have a crash or lose a lot of speed.
Yellow: you may attack here but there are better places, either due to danger of crashing or for tactical reasons
Green: good passing places

Turn 1 Right– Very fast corner, narrow racing line. Attacking is very tempting but very seldom worthy.
Two common scenarios, equally bad: the car inside drifts wide causing a crash; both cars survive but then get into turn 3 side by side, where there is no sufficient room and a crash/spin occurs.
When there is no spin or crash, both cars lose a lot of time after a pass attempt in Turn 1.

Turn 2 Left to 5 Left, the esses – Narrow, twisty and fast section; blind corners; curbs that send you spining. No attacks in the esses, they are really pointless. Even lapping should be avoided here.

Turn 6 Right – Not a great passing place, braking is too short to make a difference. Much better to wait for the long straight coming soon after. However, if somebody messes up the exit from Turn 5, then it might be reasonable to attack in Turn 6. Suggestion: attack only if you are clearly ahead before the braking zone.

Turn 7 Right– Slow hairpin with a relatively short braking zone. There is no point attacking here under normal circumnstances. Just concentrate on getting a good exit to pass on the following straight, taking advantage of the strong draft.

Turn 10 Chicane– Best passing spot. Get a tow on the straight, get along side and pass in the braking zone. Both inside and outside attacks can work. Just be sure to avoid dive bombing and to leave racing space to your opponent.
If you are being passed, consider giving up and prepare to fight in another lap. It may be better than wasting time with a side by side here.

Turn 12 Right– Generally not a real passing opportunity, but it can become so if the car ahead has a slow exit from the chicane.